Invoices and billings are the final steps in closing the deal. Documents such as invoices itemize and record transactions between parties.

The creation of an invoice requires multiple steps, such as entering information about oneself and the client, setting the currency, and specifying the date. Bills for clients must be accurate and generated quickly, which is always a time-consuming task.

The work is too long, so the best tool is used to reduce the workload. Your business’s accounting needs to be automated if you hate invoicing. Here, we’ve provided a list of the best GST accounting & billing software options.

The Best GST Invoice and Billing Software

1. Vyapar App – 1 Free GST Billing & Invoicing Software in India

Vyapar is software for GST billing. Besides billing, it also offers inventory management and accounting features. The company generates GST-compliant invoices and shares them with customers. It compiles bills into an accounting system for use in the future. Vyapar easily handles GST formats for bills and invoices.

The software also comes with a tally accounting format. The stock status of Vyapar is displayed in real-time. The software also calculates the value of inventory based on quantities.

Features You Get With Vyapar:

  • Sales and purchase orders can be generated and tracked. You have the option to convert GST sales and purchase orders into other formats. Changing vendors do not pose a problem for you anymore.
  • Estimates of quotations can be generated with this software. Using the form, you can create a quote for items based on your requirements. You will then be able to turn this into bills. A professional approach is implemented.
  • A delivery challan is produced with this software and attached to consignments as proof of delivery. Customers and vendors can share invoices generated by the application using delivery challans. The system checks customer reviews and supervises the acknowledgment documents.
  • Accounting allows you to keep an eye on the business’ expenditures. A balanced sheet lets you see how efficiently it is run. You can track every expense with this software. You can track sales and purchases. You can generate tax statements from each transaction.

Steps on how to use the Vyapar App:

  1. Download the Vyapar app from its website for your desktop. After installation enter your phone number to create an account and log in.
  2. Next, on the top left, you will find a ‘My Company’ button. Click on that and add all your company details like your company’s name, email address, etc. You can also add the company’s logo there.
  3. On the left corner, you will find ‘settings’ where you should select the options you want for your items, parties, transactions, taxes, etc. You can also select whether to keep their details visible.
  4. Going back, in the ‘item’ screen you can add in your product and its details. You can add all your customers and their details through the ‘parties’ screen. You can also add items and parties in bulk through the ‘utilities’ screen. 
  5. In the ‘home’ screen you can then add your sale invoice. All the details of the invoice including invoice number, date, customer details, etc. can be added here. 
  6. You can choose the theme for your invoice and choose to print it or directly send it to your customer through email or WhatsApp. You can maintain any purchase, payment, or sale invoice on the app now!
Only Mobile BasicRs.449/- For 12 Months
Only Mobile SaverRs.1012/- For 3 Years
Only Desktop BasicRs.1499/-For 12 Months
Desktop+Mobile BasicRs.1799/- For 12 Months
Only Desktop SaverRs.3449/- For 3 Years
Only Desktop+Mobile SaverRs.4124/- For 3 Years

2. myBillBook – Cheapest GST Billing and Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Intended to help SMB owners run their operations from anywhere and at any time, myBillBook is India’s No. 1 GST Billing & Accounting Software and not to mention the cheapest. Businesses can record transactions & track business performance while on the go thanks to this mobile and desktop application.

GST registered businesses that conduct invoicing as part of their daily activities will find the software useful. This software can be used by businesses that want to digitize their operations to gain a better understanding of their financial position. There are currently four language versions of myBillBook available: English, Hindi, Gujarati, and Tamil.

Features You Get With myBillBook:

  • Using GST & non-GST invoice templates and themes, you can create customized invoices and share them easily with customers over WhatsApp. You can also print using Bluetooth thermal printers.
  • Utilize features such as low stock notifications, item categories, and stock adjustments to track inventory accurately.
  • All business transactions, including sales, purchases, quotes, cash payments & bank transfers, and returns, can be recorded on the go.
  • Reminds clients/customers to make payments and collects payments via UPI.
  • Reports such as GST reports, financial statements, stock reports, and ledger reports can be used as insights for strategic business decisions.
  • Increase sales and customer satisfaction with a custom store you create using ‘Online Store’.
  • Business cards with logos and greetings can be shared with clients/customers using WhatsApp to create a professional look.
  • Ensures the security and integrity of data associated with a business. Cloud servers are equipped with best-in-class security and store all transactions encrypted.

Steps on how to use myBillBook:

  1. After installing the app from your phone’s store select the language of your preference. Then enter your phone number to create an account and log in.
  2. Next based on the interfaces shown add in your company’s details. Example: Company’s name, GST registration, etc. 
  3. You can then start adding your product details by clicking on the ‘Add items’. You can add any amount of items and all their details.
  4. You can also add all your customers and dealers by clicking on ‘Add Party’ by clicking on the ‘Parties’ option at the bottom of the screen. You can then make a bill for all your parties.
  5. You can now maintain all your purchases, payments, sales, and expenses through the app. You can also connect your app with myBillBook’s website to work on your desktop. 
Diamond PlanRs.142/month
Platinum PlanRs.242/month
Enterprise PlanContact myBillBook for a customized pricing plan

3. GoGSTBill – Lifetime FREE GST Billing Software

A free lifetime GST software program, Go GST is described as an easy, online solution for individuals and businesses alike. This Indian market-specific application keeps abreast of all the changes to the GST system.

It is difficult for someone without a background in accounting to understand the principles of GST or create an invoice. The GoGSTBill service prepares your invoices in a standard GST-friendly format.

Features You Get With GoGSTBill:

  • Indian economy is relatively new to GST, and it is a recent addition to the mix. Since this is a new concept, owners of small businesses are still experimenting. GST invoicing is yet another feature that makes this invoice billing software useful and reliable.
  • Provides the ability to create and manage unlimited products with a single click.
  • Easily create credit and debit notes with its wide range of templates and professional designs.
  • There is a free online version of the program which has basic functionality.

Steps on how to use GoGSTBill:

  1. Open the GoGSTBill website and click on Sign up. Next, enter all your company details and accept the terms and conditions to register. Then login.
  2. You can add your customers and their details on the ‘Customer’ page on the website. Next, you can add all your products and their details to the ‘Product’ menu.
  3. You can then create the invoice on the ‘Sale Invoice’ menu. You can select the details of your customer and the related products through the ‘Add new Invoice’ option on the page. Your payment modes and terms and conditions can also be selected here.
  4. You can then print the invoice and add your payments through the ‘Payment Receipt’ menu. Add in all the payment details and you are good to go!
  5. You can manage all your payments and purchases with GoGSTBill.
PremiumRs.1499/year with GST

4. Invoicebus – Send online invoices and get paid instantly

With Invoicebus, small businesses can manage their quotes and invoices through a cloud-based solution.

Features You Get With Invoicebus:

  • With Invoicebus users can create their invoices, use multiple currencies and languages, and handle international payments.
  • The ability to create recurring invoices for clients enables users to bill them automatically.
  • The solution can accept payments from credit or debit cards and offers integrations with Stripe, PayPal, and 2Checkout, which gets you paid instantly.
  • Invoicebus permits users to send electronic invoices for each Stripe transaction to their clients using the auto-invoicing feature.
  • The Invoicebus firewall is a network-based app that inspects IPv4/IPv6 packets and also monitors remote network activities in real-time.
  • Customers can subscribe to Invoicebus every month and receive support via e-mail as part of that subscription.

Steps on how to use InvoiceBus:

  1. To use go to the InvoiceBus website and click on ‘Signup’. Add all your company details to create an account. You can then directly move on to make an invoice for your customers.  
  2. Click on the header to edit the details of your company. After you are done you can add the customer details. Once you add a customer to an invoice they will be saved for any later invoice. 
  3. Next, you scroll down to the products section. You can add or remove any of your products in this section. You can also add other details like discounts, taxes, etc. All the details will be saved.
  4. You can then go on to create an invoice and print it for your use.
Jumbo Bus$89.95/month

5. Zoho Invoice – Liftime Free invoicing software for Small Businesses

Invoices and online billing can be generated through Zoho Invoice. Its biggest selling point: Its free version with all the necessary features a small business can need!

Customers are notified automatically when payments are due. Create invoices, make payments faster, and keep track of projects using Zoho.

Features You Get With Zoho Invoice:

  • It provides you with a full array of customizable templates for your invoices. Adding a professional image to your invoices from the website is easy.
  • Zoho Invoice supports the creation of invoices in multiple currencies. The right currency can be used to bill your customers.
  • The software supports more than 10 different languages. With this, you can communicate effectively with your customers.
  • You can schedule invoices with Zoho and they will automatically be sent to your clients on the date you choose.
  • Create your custom fields on invoices for more information. 30+ custom fields are available.
  • Workflow automates your processes. Let’s say you create an invoice over $1,000. A workflow should be set up so that an email will be received about it.

Steps on how to use Zoho Invoice:

  1. After you download the app, head to ‘invoices’ and click on the plus icon after clicking on the ‘Sales’ dropdown menu. You can then set all your invoice preferences from the menu shown next.
  2. You can add the customer in the ‘Customer name’ option or directly select your customer by adding them beforehand. You can move on to adding all your customer details next.
  3. Next, you can add all the details of your items related to the customer in item details. Already added items will be listed while you can add new ones from here. Add in any discounts, rates, quantities, and taxes related to the item.
  4. Next, add in your shipping and adjustment charges. You can then add in customer remarks, mode of payment, and the terms and conditions of the transaction. 
  5. You can then choose the email you need to send the invoice to and attach reference files. And you’re all done! You can manage all your invoices with Zoho Invoice.

And like we mentioned above, Zoho Invoice is free! Perfect for a small business just starting!

6. Zoho Books – Best Online accounting software for Businesses

Zoho Books is a free and powerful accounting program that helps you manage your finances, automate business processes, simplify back-office procedures, and securely communicate with your accountant.

Features You Get With Zoho Books:

  • It is possible to send professional invoices.
  • Using the internet to collect payments.
  • Maintain a cost tracking system.
  • Streamlining workflow
  • Easy DocuManagement
  • Real-time tracking of inventory is possible.
  • Get real-time cash flow updates from Zoho Books by connecting to your bank.
  • Financial reports such as profits and losses, balance sheets, and cash flow statements are available.
  • Windows Phone, Android, and iOS applications all available

Steps on how to use Zoho Books:

  1. Go to Zoho Book’s website and click on ‘Signup’. Create an account with the basic information of your company. You can then add in all your company details next. You can next customize all your preferences.
  2. You will then be led on to the home screen where you will find all the required options to maintain your invoices. You can change all your customizations in the settings on the screen’s top right.
  3. Under the ‘items’ sections, you can add in all your products. Create all your items and their details. You also need to add all its purchase details along with it.
  4. You can add all your customers and personal contacts under the ‘Contacts’ section. You can add in all their details here.
  5. You will find the ‘Invoice’ option under the ‘Sales’ drop-down menu. You can choose the customer, invoice number, items, quantities, discounts, and adjustment charges here.
  6. Choose the mode of payment, attach the reference file, and add the customer remarks, terms and conditions. Once done you can select which email to send the invoice to and directly send it to them or save it as a draft.
  7. You can print or download the drafted invoice. Once payment is complete you will be able to see the transaction details in ‘Journal Report’. You can now freely use Zoho Books for all your invoices.

All plans are billed annually.

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The Bottom Line

Indian GST was the first technology-driven tax system and India has a highly diversified economy with a complicated infrastructure. You came to the right place if you require the most powerful GST Invoicing and Billing software in India.

It has been observed that GST has caused misunderstandings between Indian business owners since its introduction. But the GST is the only tax system enacted by the government, which is successfully being followed by every firm after years of arguments, discussions, and modifications!

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